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Ynovyou - Digital consulting company: Bienvenue
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YnovYou provide informatic expertise and assitance around Banking and financial market. The company is built to follow the fast moving of market, requiring agility, expertise and very short time to market needs.

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Consulting Company

Time to Market First

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Finance and Insurance

The financial and insurance market is facing one of the biggest challenges from the last internet bigbang period. A new model is needed for every institution and with the shortest time possible, but always keeping the bases of the business and the company culture. Ynovyou consultants provide assistance to their customers to success to their model change through soft evolutions taking in account social aspects, company structure and existing culture: Expertise and modularity for soft and fast evolution.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a cultural change above all other changes. The relation with customers has fundamentally changed and is on the center of all future business. This mentality and relation changes imply a deep review of IT company’s architecture, tools, and project management. Ynovyou, through his experienced consultants, provides its clients with all the assistance, management, and implementation of the digital transformation.

Remote Monitoring

Strategy and Driving

In the jungle of new IT tools and methods, Ynovyou helps its clients to build a road towards their objective and intervenes at all levels of the construction of the target. Always close to its customers, Ynovyou has over the past years been able to reconcile methodology, efficiency and corporate culture in order to achieve the objectives defined at the lowest cost for its customers.

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ERP and development

Ynovyou is one of the recognized specialists in the market for the integration of the main ERP finance and insurance. Above all, Ynovyou consultants provide expertise on these tools and provide its clients with all the assistance necessary to build a solution that best suits their needs.

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Our Customers

Successful collaboration

Our cusotmers
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15 Quai du Dr Dervaux
Asnières-sur-Seine, 92600


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